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We shape the next generation of care professionals to achieve competence.

Talk to a Training Expert: 617-595-5028

Our Home Health Aide Training teaches students how to help the elderly, the disabled, and people in ill health maintain a high quality of life and independence at home. Training covers vital care-giving topics, including but not limited to safety and universal precautions; moving and lifting patients; cleanliness and infection control; caring for children, the elderly, and the dying; and patient health, hygiene, and nutrition. Students will also learn how to perform emergency procedures as well as take part in first aid and CPR classes. Training is available in both English and Spanish.

For Registration

Potential students are encouraged to complete our registration, linked below.

Got Further Inquiries?

If you have questions or concerns not addressed above, don’t hesitate to send us an online message. We are always available to provide support and information.